Personnel Lift (Single Mast)

Personnel Lift (Single Mast)

Standrad Equipment

  • Outriggers With Interlock
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Easy Loading In Pickup Trucks
  • Two Controllers operation
  • Emergency Lowering System
  • Leveling Indicator
  • Forklift pockets
  • Transport Tie Hole
  • Tilt Back Frame( Only for MPL-M14)
  • Function with Deadman
  • All Motion Alarm
  • Cylinder Holding Valve
  • Overload Sensor
  • AC Power To Platform

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Personnel Lift(Single Mast)

S.W.L 150kg 150kg 150kg 136kg
Max. Occupants 1 1 1
     (H1) Max. Working Height 8.00m 10.00m 12.00m 14.00m
     (H2) Max. Platform Height 6.00m 8.00m 10.00m  12.00m
     (A) Overall Length 1.37m 1.37m 1.43m 1.46m
Overall Length (Tilted Back) / / / /
     (B) Overall Width 0.75m 0.75m 0.75m 0.75m
     (H3) Overall Height 1.97m 1.97m 1.97m 2.97m
Overall Height (Tilted Back)  / / / /
Outrigger footprint (L /W) 1.75/1.55m 1.75/1.55m 1.75/1.55m 2.26/2.06m
Platform Size(Length/Width (C)) 0.69m*0.66m 0.69m*0.66m 0.69m*0.66m  0.69m*0.66m

Ground Clearance

0.05m 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m
Lifting Motor (AC) 110/230VAC/1.5KW 110/230VAC/1.5KW 110/230VAC/1.5KW 110/230VAC/1.5KW
Lifting Motor (DC)  12VDC/1.5KW 12VDC/1.5KW 12VDC/1.5KW 12VDC/1.5KW
Up/Down Speed 38/34sec 36/30sec  44/36sec 62/47sec
Batteries 12V/85Ah 12V/85Ah 12V/85Ah  12V/85Ah
Integrated charger 12V/15A 12V/15A 12V/15A 12V/15A
Tyres (Back Wheele) 8in 8in  8in 8in
Tyres (Front Wheele) 5in 5in   5in 5in
Weight (AC) 328kg 376kg 394kg 492kg
 Weight (DC) 358kg  406kg 424kg 522kg